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FLYERS    5    HAWKS   3

The rough and tough – hack and whack Flyers, play a strong game and jump out to a early 4-0 first period lead and hang on for the W!  All over the ice – the unstoppable Sammy “The Bull” Bonanno with the trick!  Singles for Ryan O’Rourke and Jeff Morton(EN).  Playing a very strong game for the Hawks was center Al Pyc with a 2 & 1 game!  “Black” Jack Priaux narrowed the score to 4-3 with the goalie pulled.  The Flyers made four trips to the sin bin and if not for the leniency of the referee’s, it should have been much more.  Their PK excelled – killing a 5-3.      

BRUINS   4    WINGS   2

Da Bruins jump out to 4 zip lead and surprise the Wings!  Jimmy “Boog” Powell, John Dooley, Joe Plati and Jeff “Dick” Tracy tally for the Bruins.  Sub goalie Billy Papciak with an excellent game between the pipes!  Speedsters Jimmy George and Paul Vioalssi score for the Wings in this penalty free game.  

HABS   3     SHARKS   3

Sub Jeff Funk ties the game up with just under two minutes left on the arena clock for the Habs!  Mike Ala and Kenny Perko also with French goals.  Pat “Crazy Legs” Berry scores twice for the Sharks.  Defenseman Mark Munsterman with their initial goal.  Both goalies – Brian Miller of the Sharks and John Marchin of the Habs with good games in nets!   

BRUINS   5    HAWKS   2

The Bruins sweep on the day and send the declawed Hawks to the basement!  Bruins sub Bob “Bugsy” Watson with the hat trick!  Singles for Joe Plati and Steve Lemieux(Also 3 Helpers).  Al Pyc and Doug Beck score for the Hawks.  

WINGS   4     SHARKS   1

The high powered Wings get back on track as Jimmy George goes twine twice!  Singles for Bo Altherr and Stanley Cup winning head coach Bruce Cassidy lookalike(See Picture Below) sub Ken Dubus.  “Ticker” Chauvin with a very light workload.  Jim Chapie with the lone Shark goal as they are now winless in their past eight games.  


HABS   3     FLYERS   2

Mike Ala snaps the 2-2 tie with just under two minutes left in the game for the Habs!  Steve Orr and sub Jeff Funk also tally for the Habs.  Goalie John Marchin was stellar in nets!  Bruce Buntin and Sammy Bonanno with the Flyers markers.  Post game – the Flyers hold a team building exercise at an undisclosed location to help raise money for their bail fund.  See below.



Which player was the first selection and fourth overall, in 

the 1993 NHL draft for the new expansion team The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim?

Paul Kariya

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