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R League – Weekly Update (June 14 2016)

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WINGS   4   BRUINS   0

The top spot Wings score twice in each period and shutout the men in yellow.  Paulie “Jay” Giles, Chuck Mouraine and subs Kevin Mahon and Lynn(SH) tally for the Wings in this penalty free game.  No Bruins highlights.

STARS   5   HAWKS   1 

The Stars dominate this contest from start to finish.  Ronnie Meltsner with the deuce.  Singles for Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins, Pat Collins and Stevie Lambert.  Goaler Bobby Rutkose with a light workload.  James George with the Hawks solo tally.

LEAFS    2    HABS    0

It doesn’t happen very often!  The Leafs somehow win their third game of the year!  Goaler Brian Miller was stunning between the pipes, with the hard earned whitewash!  Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel and Keith Foucher do the honors for the Leafs.  No French highlights.

STARS   2   HABS   1

Stars sniper Ronnie Meltsner scores in the last minute of each period and goalie Bobby Rutkoske shines in nets for the Stars.  Moncton call up Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi with the lone French marker.  Stars sub Gregg “Barney” Denholm manages to pick up a solo roughing penalty.

WINGS   5   LEAFS   2

The Wings sweep for the day as they end the Leafs winning streak at one!  Gary Enmark with a two goal game for the Leafs.  Singles for John Zuccarini, Chuck Mouraine and sub Kevin Mahon.  Mike Ala with the hat trick assist.  John Malkovich look a like, Mikey Declercq and sub Matt Lawson tally for the Leafs in this penalty free game.

HAWKS   5   BRUINS    5

This was a wild one!  John Perini scores for the Bruins 20 ticks into the contest.  The Hawks come right back three minutes later and score two goals within a 26 second time span.  End result – tie game!  Bob “Bugsy” Watson scores twice for the Bruins.  Joe Plati and Barry Piornack with singles.  Hawks – Dougie Roehl(2), Dave “Buckeye” Wahl, and the James – Chapie and George.  Now this is a weird one – the Bruins Dave “Hammer” Arsenault picks up a two minute infraction for “High Sticking The Ball!”    Honest – this is verbatim from the score sheet!  Hmm!

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