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BRUINS   4    SHARKS   3

Bruins go up 4-1, then the Sharks score two final period goals in a 15 second span to make things very interesting!  Steve Lemieux, David Gaskey, Joe Plati and Robbie Porter tally for the victorious Bruins.  Rob Lee, Ben Haynes and Bruce Gooel with the Sharks goals.

FLYERS   4     WINGS   3

Deuces wild for Pat Berry and Ryan O’Rourke as the Flyers win a close game against the Wings.  O’Rourke’s first goal was a beautiful solo effort as he gingerly skated down the right wing and through the Wings defenders.  Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi with a three assist game.  Dave Debrincat, Kenny Perko and defenseman Howard Smith tally for the Wings in this penalty free game.  Wings defenseman Bruce Buntin was a shot blocking machine this game, as he takes two shots squarely in the cup!

HABS   5    HAWKS   3

The Habs play a great game as they upend the top spot Hawks!  Sniper David Herkowitz with a two goal game for the Habs.  Mike Ala, Adam Godard(Empty Net) and scoring a shorthanded empty net goal – Ken Debus, also with French goals.   Billy Hagen, Steve Orr and Marcin Niecalek tally for the Hawks.  Hawks sub goalie “Ticker” Chauvin with several outstanding saves!  Habs defenseman Ken Debus incurs a late first period tripping penalty.  He voices his displeasure at the beginning of the final period and picks up an unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty.  Yes – it was handed down from the referee you think it was!

HAWKS   4     SHARKS   3

Da Hawks get back on the winning track as Da Sharks descend the opposite way today.   Doug Wargo scores twice for the Hawks.  Singles for Mark Smyth and sub Mike Harke.  Gary Szylanski, Steve Dietrich and sub Matt Lawson score for the Fish in this penalty free game.  General Robert E. Lee with the hat trick assist.

FLYERS   2     BRUINS   2

Both goalies – Mike Schlimgen of the Bruins and sub Billy Papciak of the Flyers shined in nets this game!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux with a late game tying goal for the Bruins.  Chuck Mouraine with the Bruins first goal.  Ryan O’Rourke and Keith Foucher with the Flyers markers.

WINGS   7    HABS   3

This was a retribution game for the Wings, as they vividly remember their 7-1 beat down the last time these two teams met.  Know-one wears a better do-rag than Brett Michaels look alike(See Picture Below) than Mr. Paul Vioalssi who had a huge four goal game and six total points in the game!  Nice game Paul!  Singles for Dave Debrincat and subs Mike Garlick and Larry “School Boy” Rowe.  A special shoutout to Wings center Jimmy George who had a stone cold breakaway with 25 seconds left in the already decided game and just gently nudged the puck to the Habs goalie.  Class move!  Mike Ala with the deuce for the Habs.  Power play specialist Don Courtley with the Habs initial goal.  The not too “Gentlemanly” Don Courtley sends Wings Captain and former Armada Police Chief Howard Smith sprawling to the ice post whistle and picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.  This was the longest day of the year and according to the Habs goalie, it definitely felt like it, as at times he felt like the Maytag repairman – the loneliest guy on the ice!




Everyone is familiar with this iconic OT Stanley Cup winning goal by Bobby Orr.

Tell me who the St. Louis defenseman is tripping Bobby?

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