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HABS   4    HAWKS   2

A tight 2-2 game, then the Hawks get a penalty with just under three minutes left in the game.  The Habs vaunted power play converts as sub Bob Stempian buries the game winning goal!  Donald Courtly with their first goal.  I don’t know what drugs this guy is using – but I want some!  The energizer bunny Steve Orr, who was everywhere on the ice – with a two goal game!   

BRUINS   2    SHARKS   0

The Bruins win their third game in a row, behind the superlative puck stopping efforts of sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek, who earns the well deserved whitewash!  Steve Lemieux and John Dooley reach the back of the net for the Bruins.  No red flags on the beach – no Shark sightings.      

WINGS   4    FLYERS   0

This guy just gets better with age!  Rick “Ticker” Chauvin with the shutout!  Paul “Bret Michaels” Vioalssi goes twine twice for the Wings.  Singles for Al Sparks and John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini.  Sub Mike Lawson with three assists.  Former WDIV reporter Grant Hermes lookalike(See Picture Below) Brian Belloli with the hat trick assist!  Reverting back to his abrasive style of play – Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi with a cross checking and a solo roughing penalties.    

FLYERS   4    BRUINS   2

Flyers go up 4-0 after period one and hold on for the W!  Captain Ryan O’Rourke with a pro-like tip, Bruce Buntin, Jeff Morton and on a blast from the point – Kevin Maguire score for the Flyers.    Eddie Higgins and left winger Dougie Roehl tally for the men in yellow.  This was a spirited affair, as Bruins sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek picks up an unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty.  Along with getting clipped in the face with an inadvertent high stick from the Bruins Peter Ludwig – Jeff Morton receives an unsportsmanlike conduct and cross checking minor penalties.    

HAWKS   8    SHARKS   3

It’s been a pretty rough season for the Hawks thus far.  But they feasted on a very satisfying Shark dinner today!  See picture below.  Center Gary Szylanski with the trick!  Singles for Curt Lesnau(Also Three Helpers), Al Pyc, Billy Hagen, Ronnie Meltsner and sub Mike Krueger.  The Sharks goal scorers were – Ben Haynes and on a couple of beautiful solo end to end rushes – Dave Debrincat and Rob Lee.   Oh boy!  The Sharks goalie was NOT a happy camper this game, as he takes multiple strolls into the corner after a goal and spews adjectives I have never heard before!  He refrained from the hand shake line.  So, postgame I hear Sharks veteran defenseman Doug Wargo humming a catchy tune in the parking lot.  I asked him what the tune was.  He said he was just excited for the Taylor Swift concert this weekend he will be attending!          

WINGS   8    HABS   2

These high flying Wings are now 6-0-1 in their past seven games and are now tied for first place with the Habs!  Deuces wild for Paul Vioalssi and Al Sparks.  Singles for Mark Smyth, Brian Belloli(SH), Jimmy George and sub Ken Debus.  Mike Ala and sub Bob Stempain tally for the Habs.        



A hypothetical situation.

The Leafs are blatantly offsides, not a delayed offsides and it is not called by the officials.

The Wings take the puck and go down and score.

Can the Leafs request a challenge since the play was definitely offsides?

No – the offsides play is null and void. 

Count the goal!    


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