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WINGS   7    FLYERS   0

Whoa!  Where did all these goals come from for the Wings!  The Wings score their first two goals on their first three shifts to commence the rout!  Sub “Bob” Berry with the trick and a solo rounging minor penalty for crashing the goalie.   Mark Smyth, Steve Orr and Chuck Moraine also dent the twine.  This was a good old ass whooping by the Wings!  The Wings last goal was not really a good thing.  Hockey decorum at its worse!  6-0 game, three seconds left in the game and Wings left winger Kenny Deubus gets a stone cold breakaway.  What does he do?  He continues on and buries it!  Really?  In the old days he would not have made it out of the handshake line!  Just saying!

HABS   2    SHARKS   1

Gotta love these French guys!  Five subs and playing with three D.  Doesn’t matter – they still win!  Subs Mark Oyama and returning from a season long sting on the DL, Timmy “Dutch” Schultz tally for the Habs.  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins with the lone Shark goal.

BRUINS  1    HAWKS   0

This was a nail biter!  Both goalies, ‘Ticker” Chauvin of the Bruins and sub Joe “Ricky” Nelson of the Hawks dominate!  Bruins sub Shurman breaks the tie with  just under four minutes left in the game!

WINGS   2     HABS   2

Another game with playoff hockey at it’s best!  The Wings go up 2-1 with eight minutes left in the game on a power play marker by Chuck Mouraine.  Kenny Wilkins of the Habs incurs a tripping penalty with just over two minutes left in the game.  Not looking good for the Frenchmen.  Mike Ala picks off an errant pass and buries the shorthanded breakaway tying goal for the Habs!  The Habs hit the box four times in the game to zero for their opponent.  Steve Orr of the Wings and sub Paul Violassi of the Habs score their teams first goals.  The second place Habs are now undefeated in their past three doubleheaders!

FLYERS   3     HAWKS   1

The Flyers break their playoff losing streak behind the strong goaltending of Brian Miller, who foiled two 3-0’s!  One with an old time Johnny Bower poke check.  Sammy Bonanno, Ryan O’Rourke(EN) and scoring on the fifth rebound,  Paulie Polizzi tally for the Flyers.  Billy Hagen with a seeing eye not hitting the back of the net goal for the Hawks in this penalty free game.

BRUINS   5     SHARKS   1

The top spot Bruins(5-0-3) catch the Sharks in low tide and enjoy a good meal!  Reverting back to his days of dominating in the Northwest league – sub Timmy O’Dea with the deuce.  Singles for Joe Plati, Bobby Watson and Rob “Hurricane” Halbhuber.  “Ticker” with a ten save game.  Ben Haynes with the Sharks marker.



In the 1957-58 season all three players on this famous line scored over 20 goals in the season.  This was the first time this happened in the NHL.
Name me the line and it’s three participants.
Hint – They played for the Boston Bruins.
The UKE line.
All three players are of Ukrainian descent.
Vic Stasiuk
Bronco Horvath
Johnny Bucyk

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