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FLYERS    4      HABS   0

Complete domination by this Flyers team!  Jimmy George wth the deuce.  Singles for Ryan O’Rourke and rushing defenseman Gerry Krause.  Bobby Rutkoske with the ten save shutout.  No Habs highlights.

HAWKS    5     SHARKS   0

Same scenario in this game!  Mark Smyth with the trick.  Singles for Brian Belloli and Rob Halbulber.  Goaler Brian Miller with a seven save shutout.  No red flags on the beach, as there were no Shark sightings in this penalty free game.

WINGS    5      BRUINS   2

Game tied 2-2 in the final period, then the top spot Wings rattle off three goals in a five minute span to ice the game.  General Robert E. Lee with a two goal game.  Singles for Steve Orr(Breakaway), Cam Lawrence(far boards 60 footer) and right defenseman Chris Zanke, who filled the slot perfectly and buried it!  Ronnie Meltsner and Providence call up Dougie Roehl tally for the Bruins in this penalty free game.  It was a reunion of sorts, as Superman subbed in nets for the Wings after his acrimonious split from the organization.  It was good to see him!  Apparently Wings center Steve Orr has never seen Superman.  He approaches me during warmups and proudly says, you guys don’t have a chance today – we got some guy in nets dressed as Superman!  Pretty funny!

BRUINS   4    HABS   4

Both teams rebound from game one losses and share a point.  Curt Lesnau with the hat trick for the Bruins.  His third goal was his low backhand specialty shot, which handcuffed the net-minder.  Captain Adam Godard with the Bruins final goal.  Habs – Curt Bailey, Gary Enmark, Jeff “Dick” Tracy and sub Matt Linnell.  Steve Lemieux of the Bruins picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.  Brian Gross and Kenny Wilkins hit the box in tandem with roughing minor penalties.

FLYERS   9     SHARKS    3

These Flyers are operating on a cylinders, as the RPM line of Ryan O’Rourke(3 & 4), John Perini(1 & 1) and Chuck Mouraine(3 & 4) total 16 points in the game!  Seven points apiece for O’Rourke and Mouraine – Whoa!  Jimmy George with another two goal game.  Steve Dietrich, Ben Haynes and sub John “Magnum” Higgins score for the Sharks.  Jimmy George and Sharks sub Oyama both with roughing minor penalties.

HAWKS    3    WINGS   2

The marquee game of the night as the first and second place teams square off!  The second place Hawks give the Wings their first playoff loss!  Brian Belloli breaks the 2-2 tie with just over three minutes left in the game.  Al Sparks and Jack Priauix with the Hawks first two goals 40 seconds apart in the final period.  Steve Orr and Grand Rapids call up Mike Harke tally for the Wings.  Both goalies – Brian Miller and sub Superman of the Wings with excellent games between the pipes!



Who is the career goals scored leader for the Nashville Predators?

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Detroit born and Harrison Twp. resident

David Legwand – 210 goals.

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