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WINGS   3     BRUINS   1

John “Hal” McRae scores twice in the first period to put the Wings up 2-0 entering the final stanza.  Adam Godard of the Bruins scores 15 ticks into the final period to make the game 2-1.  51 seconds later, Wings sub Chuck Mouraine goes top shelf to put the Wings up by two goals again and preserve the W.  Wings sub net minder Rick “Ticker” Chauvin with a stellar game between the pipes!

FLYERS   1    HABS   1

Old time hockey at it’s best!  Goaler Sir Kevin Beebe and the Frenchmen are hanging onto a narrow 1-0 lead very late in the game!  Sir Kevin stood on his head in this game!  With the goalie pulled, John Zuccarini of the Flyers scores the game tying goal with just 13 seconds left on the Troy Arena clock!  Sir Kevin slams the crossbar with his stick in disgust!  Mike Ala with the Habs first period marker.

SHARKS   4    HAWKS   1

Sharks go up three zip after one and cruise to the victory.  Eddie ‘The Eagle” Higgins with a two goal game.  Singles for Steve Dietrich and Al “Mike” Phipps.  Brian “Top Dog” Miller with a very solid game in nets!  Slick sub Gary Szalanski was the only Hawk to solve Mr. Miller.

BRUINS   2    HABS   1

Heeding advice from his mid twenties daughter to shoot the puck more – John Perini with both Bruins goals!  Kenny “Primetime” Wilkins with the Habs goal as they struggle with the offense today, with just a goal in each game and remain winless in the playoffs.  Both goalies – winning goalie Bobby Rutkoske of the Bruins and Sir Kevin Beebe of the Habs were excellent between the pipes.

FLYERS   3    SHARKS   3

The Flyers tie again, as they have not won a game in their past two doubleheaders, but still remain only one point behind first place.  Big Ben Haynes with the deuce for the Flyers.  Al Sparks with the Flyers initial goal.  Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich, Joe Plati and Al Phipps tally for the Fish in this penalty free game.

WINGS   9    HAWKS   5

The top spot Wings are undefeated in the playoffs and have five consecutive wins and counting, as they blow out the playoff winless Hawks!  Fedora’s littler the ice, as John McRae and sub Chuck Mouraine each with the hat trick!  Bob “Bugsy” Watson with a 2 & 3 game.  Ronnie Meltenser with a 1 & 3 game.  Hawks – sub Gary Szalanski(2), Mark Smyth, Gary Enmark and sub Mike Folster.



Which St. Louis Blues player died in a motorcycle crash on Gary Unger’s farm in 1977?
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