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HABS    5    HAWKS    3

The Habs snap their losing streak as sub Paul Violassi records the tour du chapeau.  Fellow sub Paulie Polizzi and David Herkowitz also score.  Mark Smyth(2) and Brian Belloli tally for the Hawks.  John Dooley of the Habs and Randy Debuel of the Hawks get their Irish up and hit the box in tandem with roughing minor penalties.

BRUINS    4     SHARKS   2

Complete domination by the Bruins in this contest.  If not for Sharks sub goalie Rick “Ticker” Chauvin this game could have well been in double digits.  The puck rarely left the Sharks zone.  Rob “Hurricane” Halbhuber with the deuce.  Singes for Steve Lemieux and Curt Bailey.  Ben Haynes and Gary Szalanski with late goals for the Sharks.

FLYERS    2    WINGS   0

Flyers goalie Bobby Rutkoske was the story of this game, as he stops no less that four breakaways in the game to earn the whitewash!  Hard working center Sal Bonanno and Ryan O’Rourke(Empty Netter) score for the Flyers.  No Wings highlights.

HAWKS    8     SHARKS   4

These Sharks are making me look bad as my preseason favorite to win the league.  The Hawks harpoon the Sharks as Mr. Mark Smyth scores four times in the game!  Singles for Steve Orr, Brian Belloli( Also 3 Helpers) and defenseman Kenny Perko and Randy Debuel.  Al Sparks scores twice for the Sharks.  Singles for Barry Piornack and sub Matt Lawson.

FLYERS   4    BRUINS   0

The Flyers win their sixth consecutive game as they manhandle the first place Bruins.  Goal-keep Bobby Rutkoske with the rare doubleheader shutout!  His glove hand was working this game as the Bruins inexplicably kept going glove side.  Celebrating his birthday a day late – Mike Ala with the hat trick!  Gentleman Don Courtley with the Flyers initial tally.  No Bruins highlights.  Chris Zanke of the Bruins and Donald Courltey of the Flyers both receive double minor roughing penalties.

HABS   4    WINGS   3

Captain Kenny Wilkins returns from Covid protocol and the Habs sweep!  Stevie Lambert with the deuce.  Singles for John Dooley and sub Paul “Bret Michaels” Violassi.  Robbie Porter, Chuck Mouraine and Jeff “Dick” Tracy score for the Wings.  Just wondering when the goal starved Wings will move scoring machine General Robert E. Lee to forward, as the last place Wings are also last in goals.


Which team won the very first WHA Championship(Avco Cup) in 1973?

New England Whalers

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