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FLYERS   3    HAWKS   1

The Howard Smith led Flyers score twice in the final stanza to break a 1-1 tie for the W.  Chuck Mouraine with the deuce.  Billy Hagen with the game winning goal.  Sub puck stopper Rick “Ticker” Chauvin with a superb butterfly style of goaltending game.  Sub Mike Krueger was the only Hawk to solve Ticker.

WINGS    5    BRUINS   2

Deuces wild for Mark Smyth and Brian Belloli.  Robert E. Lee with the final Wings marker.  Robbie Porter and sub Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi do the honors for the men in yellow.

HABS   4   SHARKS   0

Picking right up where he left off with last season’s Sam Cupp Championship victory – Sir Kevin Beebe with the whitewash!  Captain Kenny “Primetime” Wilkins, Jimmy “Boog” Powell, David Walters and Sting rookie Curt( Nice Name) Bailey tally for the Habs.  There were no Shark warnings or sightings anywhere to be found.

FLYERS   6     HABS   0

The top spot Flyers remain undefeated in this young season.  As depicted in Curt’s Corner preseason preview, the Chuck Mouraine drafted as a defenseman experiment did not last long.  Forward Moraine with another two goal game for the Flyers.  Singles for Rob “The Rifleman” Duncan, Billy Hagen, Keith Foucher and Sting rookie Bobby Halbhuer.  Sub goaler “Ticker” Chauvin with the shutout, as he only allows one goal in today’s doubleheader and picks up an assist to boot.  No French highlights.

BRUINS   3     HAWKS   0

Scoreless entering the final period – then the Bruins rattle off three goals for a split today.  Robbie Porter, Al Sparks and sub Paulie Polizzi tally for the Bruins.  Bobby Rutkoske with the well earned shutout.  The clawless Hawks only produce one goal in today’s games.

WINGS   9    SHARKS   4

Ouch!  The Wings score seven times in period one and harpoon the Fish!  Brian Belloli with the trick.  Robert E. Lee and sub Lawson both with two goal games.  Singles for Mark Smyth and Counselor Tom McHugh.  John “Hal” McRae with the hat trick assist.  Richie Anderson, Doug Wargo, Gary Szalanski and sub Barry Piornack score for the Sharks, won abscond their fifth straight loss.



Who is that hockey Hall of Famer with me in Florida?

The guy in the middle.

Scroll down for the answer.


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