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SHARKS    6     FLYERS   2

Oh boy!  Reveling in the Trump victory and still wearing his “Elect Trump” jersey – Kevin Mahon with a 2 & 3 game!  European sub Churlia also with a deuce.  Singles for Joe Plati and Ben Haynes.  Gary Enmark and sub Shannon tally for the Flyers.

BRUINS   3   HABS   1

The Bruins score 40 ticks and 58 ticks into the final period to clinch the W.  Adam Godard, Bob “Bugsy” Watson and “Motor City” Eddie Kowalczyk score for the Bruins.  Goaler Bobby Rutkoske with a very solid game in nets.  Mike Lawson scores in the games waning seconds for the Habs in this penalty free game.

HAWKS    3    WINGS   1

The Hawks call up sub goaler Rodney Heid from parts unknown, as he stones the Wings with his butterfly style of net minding.  Brian Belloli, Ronnie Meltsner and Jimmy George do the honors for the Hawks.  Dougie Roehl with the lone Wings goal.

BRUINS   4    SHARKS   2

The Bruins sweep for the day behind the two goal game of Steve “Mario” Lemieux.  Singles for Rick Batchelder and sub Platt.  The fired up and red hot Kevin Mahon with both Sharks tallies.  No trips to the sin bin for either squad.

HAWKS   5   HABS   2

Never say never.  The Hawks win their first doubleheader of the season as they score four times in period one.  Again – sub goaltender Rodney Heid showcased his large oversized white goal pads to the max!  Hawks – Mark Smyth, Brian Belloli, Jimmy George, Keith Lutz and sub Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi.  Kenny “Primetime” Wilkins with both French goals.

FLYERS   5    WINGS   1

The Flyers leapfrog into the top spot in the standings as they break open a close game with three final period goals.  Mike Ala with the deuce.  Singles for Pat Collins, Al Platt and sub Shannon.  Goaler Mike Mostyn was superb in nets.  Grand rapids call up Scott Leslie with the lone Wings goal as they struggle on the offensive side today, only netting a goal a game.


Who was the first NHL player of African descent to win the Art Ross Trophy (Scoring Title)?


Scroll down for the answer.

Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames


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