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FLYERS   7     BRUINS   2

Very simple.  The story of this game was the Flyers scoring four times in the first period’s last two minutes!  Wow!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux and Sammy “Bananas” Bonanno each with the hat trick!  Al Pyc with the final Flyers marker.  Let me say this.  Bruins goalie Rick “Ticker” Chauvin stopped no less that 40 shots in the game.  He was a little overworked!  The Bruins played the first period with three defenseman and two of them were actually forwards’ by trade.  It wasn’t pretty!   Mike Lawson and on a beautiful top shelf short side laser – Joe Plati score for the Bruins.  Now – pregame the Flyers were a little confused.  I showed up and so did my sub!  Administrative error.  So Dougie Rohel left and then sub Matt Lawson sitting in the locker room had no skates!  Dougie was called back and Matt was dispatched to the Bruins. Whoa!

WINGS   3     HABS   1

Bobby Rutkoske and his band of Wings teammates methodically defeat the Frenchmen.  Chuck Mouranie with the deuce.  Sub Paul “Brett Michaels” Violassi with the game winning goal.  PRIME TIME

Kenny Wilkins with the lone Habs goal.

HAWKS   5     SHARKS   3

The Hawks had their talons out and spear the Sharks!  Speedy center Jimmy George with the deuce.  Singles for Adam Godard. Jeff “Dick” Tracy and sub Oyama.  Marty Sell(2) and Ben Haynes tally for the Fish.

WINGS   5    BRUINS    3

Call it Curt’s favoriable curse!  Having picked the Wings to finish in last place, the Wings do just the opposite and wrap up the top spot in the first half standings with still a week to go!  Deuces wild for the Paul’s – Giles and sub Vioalssi.  Chuck Mouraine with a 1 & 3 game.  The Robs – “Hurricane” Halbhuber(2) and “Nifty” Middleton  score for the men in yellow.  No trip’s to the sin bin for either squad.

HABS  4     SHARKS   1

The Sharks have descended to Davey Jones Locker, as they are now winless in their past three doubleheaders.  Behind sub goalie Billy Papciak, the Habs put in a robust performance.  Brian Belloli, Pat Collins, Kenny Wilkins and Robert Stempian all light the lamp for the Habs.  Ben Haynes with the lone Shark goal.

HAWKS   5   FLYERS   4

The Flyers roar back from a 3-0 deficit to tie the game at 4-4 with a minute remaining in the game!  Then out of nowhere – Hawks right defenseman Keith Lutz gets a stone cold breakaway and buries the game winner with seconds left on the clock!  Mom was really happy in the stands!  Nice W for the Hawks and a toughie for the Flyers!  Hawks sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek was outstanding between the pipes!  Right winger Billy Hagen with a two goal game.  Singles for Jimmy George and Robbie Porter.  Left winger Adam Godard with a four helper game!  Flyers – the leagues’ leading scorer Ryan O’Rourke(2), Al Phipps and sub Jimmy “Boog” Powell.  This was a penalty free game.


Who was the first Detroit Red Wing to reach 50 goals in a season?
Mickey Redmond

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