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HAWKS   3    HABS   2

The Billy Hagen show, as he buries his third goal of the game on the power play with just two minutes left in the contest!  75 year old sub goalie Bruno Tadolini was simply spectacular in nets for the Hawks!  Pretty amazing!  Jimmy “Boog” Powell with both of the Habs goals.  A very disturbing situation unfolded post game, as a Habs player withdrew his blocker from me in the hand shake line and intentionally waited for me as I attempted to leave the ice.  He then proceeded to viciously verbally assault me, for the second time this season, claiming I was a dirty player.  56 penalty minutes in 24 Michigan Sting seasons and I’m dirty player?  Really?  This guy called me every derogatory name known to mankind.  I attempted to deescalate the situation, but to no avail.  I then just skated away as he continued to hurl verbal assaults at me.  This is not the unethical behavior that founder Sam Cupp built this league on.  Maybe the league should start physiologically vetting their team member’s?  This specific individual will never again be mentioned in Curt’s Corner.  He is invisible.

BRUINS   2    SHARKS    2

The Sharks come back from a 2 zip deficit as Eddie Higgins ties the game up with two minutes remaining in the game!  Sub Marcin Niecalek with the Sharks first marker.  Jim Chapie and Brian Belloli tally for the Bruins.  Both goalies – Kenny Lipschutzv of the Sharks and Bobby Rutkoske of the Bruins with excellent games in nets.

FLYERS   8     WINGS   4

The Flyers jump out too a 5-1 first period lead and never look back.  Robbie Porter with the hat trick.  Bob Lee with a 2 & 4 game.  More on that later.  Sub Lawson with a 2 & 3 game.  Al Sparks also with a goal.  Mark Smyth scores twice for the Wings.  Singles for JP and sub John Zuccarini in this penalty free game.  The Flyers score two empty net goals in the game.  The final emptier netter by Bob Lee with 20 seconds left in the game drew the ire of the Wings team.  Bob wants to publicly go on record, that in the name of sportsmanship,  he messed up and apologizes, he never should have shot that puck.

SHARKS    3    HAWKS   1

The Sharks play a strong game behind the outstanding backstopping of goalie Kenny Lipschutz!  The Higgins clan each with a goal.  Sub Marcin Niecalek with the Sharks initial marker.  Keith Foucher scores for the Hawks on a short side top shelf laser.  Once again, Hawks sub goalie Bruno was outstanding in nets!  No penalties in the game.

FLYERS    4    BRUINS   2

The Flyers sweep on the day behind the two goal game of Robbie Porter.  Singles for Bob Lee and sub Bob “Bugsy” Watson.  Jim “Jacques” Lemire and Steve Lemieux tally for the men in yellow.

HABS   5    WINGS   3

Deuces wild for Mike Ala and Cam Lawrence as the Habs split on the day.  John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini with the Habs first goal.  Wings – Paulie “Jay” Giles, JP and sub “Mickey” Brantley.



Who holds the record for 502 NHL consecutive starts in nets?

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