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SHARKS   3      FLYERS   1

Having a splendid season in nets for the Sharks – Mike Schlimgen almost shutout’s the Flyers.   Flyers sub Paulie Polizzi wrecks the shutout in the final minute.  That has happened quite often this season to Schlimgen.  I guess that’s a good thing though!  Sharks sub John Higgins scores twice.  Fellow sub Jeff Funk also scores.  The Sharks had six subs today!   The Kevin’s – Maguire and sub Mahon got into it today, as they take turns tripping each other and hit the box in tandem.  The big question to me is: How did MR. MAGA Kevin Mahon break away from the voting sites today??  What’s up Kevin?

HABS   3     BRUINS   3

An even steven game as the score indicates for the battle of the basement.  Mike Lawson scores twice for the Habs.  Jimmy “Boog” Powell with their final marker.  Steve Lemieux, Brian Gross and Ken “Debus” Debus tally for the Bruins in this penalty free game.  A warm welcome back to “The Master” Bruno Tadolini, who subbed in nets for the Bruins today.

WINGS   2     HAWKS   0

This was a “Nothing But a House Party Game!”  Paulie “Jay” Giles says “Give It To Me” as he scores the games only goals!  “Sugar” John Marcin with the well earned white wash!  “Sugar” left several Hawks talking to themselves on the bench!  No Hawks highlights.

SHARKS   4     BRUINS   4

Katie bar the door in this contest!  Sharks subs Jeff Funk(2), John Higgins, and “Jason” Wooley draw blood for the Sharks.  Sniper Ronnie Meltsner with the deuce for the Bruins.  Singles for defenseman Tom McHugh and feeling a little lighter today after his Vegas trip last week, Keith Lutz.  Sharks sub Wooley body checks Ken Debus who takes exception and picks up an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

HAWKS   3    HABS   2

Billy Hagen snaps a 2-2 final period tie for the victorious Hawks.  Al Sparks and sub Mike Harke with singles.  Mike Ala and Donald Courtley tally for the Frenchmen in this penalty free game.

WINGS   4     FLYERS   3

This was a very high intense entertaining game.  Wings sub Valdoo scores his second goal of the game just under the three minute mark for the W!  Doctor and author Keri Topouzian and General Robert E. Lee with singles.  Chuck Mouraine with the deuce for the Flyers.  Captain Ryan O’Rourke with their final marker. Oh Boy!  This has been brewing for awhile!  The Flyers O’Rourke and Wings enforcer Chris Zanke finally come face to face with a coming to Jesus encounter!  Both players with a minor hooking and a 4 minute and a 10 minute roughing penalties.  Now knowing both of these players, Im sure both of them did not shy away from the postgame parking lot.  Hope all went well.



Who is the only Toronto Maple Leaf to win the Conn Smyth Trophy(Playoff MVP)?
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Davey Keon – 1967.
The last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup – black & white TV!

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