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SHARKS   1     HAWKS   1

As a member of the Flyers last season, the self proclaimed best 11 in the league Jeff Morton, never saw the ice on the power play, penalty kill or critical late game situations.  Guess what!  Morton buries the game tying goal with 11 ticks left on the arena clock for a clutch goal!  Sharks sub “Bobby” Mercer with their first period goal.  Both goalies – Brian Miller of the Sharks and Tommy Gazley of the Hawks put on a goaltending clinic in this penalty free game.

HABS   2    WINGS   1

The Frenchmen play a great game behind the stalwart goaltending efforts of veteran sub goalie Rick “Ticker” Chauvin!  Al Pyc and still playing forward and not liking it too much – Rick Batchleder with the Habs first period goals.  Center Keri Topouzian with the lone Wings goal.

FLYERS   4    BRUINS   1

Like the Pink Floyd song “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” that’s exactly what Flyers goalie Bobby Rutkoske did this game!  He shined in nets!  Making numerous highlight reel glove and pad saves to leave the Bruins shaking their heads!  Robert Stempian, Jimmy George and slamming in a juicy rebound – Kenny Perko tally for the Flyers.  Steve Lemieux scored for the exasperated Bruins.

SHARKS   5     HABS   3

The Sharks score four times in the final period to upend the Habs.  Sub Mike Harke with the deuce.  Singles for Jim Chapie, Ben Haynes and Steve Dietrich.  The Sharks final two goals were empty netters.  John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini scores twice for the Habs.  Forward Rick Batchelder with their final goal.

WINGS   2    BRUINS   0

There was some late game drama in this contest.  More on that later.  Wings sub Bob “Bugsy” Watson with both of their goals.  Sub goalie Billy Papciak with the well earned whitewash!  Bruins goalie Mike Schlimgen foiled a 2 on 0 opportunity for the Wings!  Now to the drama.  In the final period with the Wings up only 1-0, the Wings captain receives a penalty.  Shortly after, Wings sub Bobby Watson runs into a wall called Dougie Roehl and lays motionless on the ice in the corner.  The Wings captain promptly exits the penalty box to check on the welfare of his player!  Whoops.  Captain gets slapped with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for leaving the box!  Then Watson promptly  returns to the ice and picks up a cross checking penalty.  To the Wings credit, they successfully kill back to back penalties which also included a 5 on 3, for the victory!

FLYERS   2     HAWKS   1

The streaking Flyers win their second consecutive doubleheader!  Robert Stempian and we have some controversy here, power forward Kenny Perko scores the game winning goal and his second goal of the night, as he now proclaims:”I am the best 11 in the league!”  Mr. Morton has some competition!  Gerry Krause scores for the goal starved Hawks, who now have only scored 6 goals in their last seven games!


The L.A. Kings have retired six jersey’s.
#4, 16, 18, 20, 30 & 99
Name the players.
 #4 – Rob Blake
#16 – Marcel Dionee
#18 – Dave Taylor
#20 – Luc Robitaille
#30 – Rogie Vachon
#99 – Wayne Gretzky




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