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FLYERS   4     BRUINS   1

Tommy Trice scores at the opening 2 minute mark for the Bruins – that was it from there for the men in yellow.  Mike Ala with the game winning goal and the final empty net goal for the Flyers.  Singles for Bruce “Cooler Man” Gooel and Al Platt.  Mike Mostyn shut the door after Trices’s marker.  Jerry Frankel with a solo 2 minute roughing penalty for the Flyers.

HABS   4    WINGS   0

The Frenchmen make a statement, as Sir Kevin Beebe and his teammates shutout the top spot Wings.  That’s why we call him Prime Time!”   Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins with the deuce for the Habs.  Singles for Steve Orr and John Perini.  No Wings highlights in this penalty free game.

SHARKS   8     HAWKS   6

Oh – this was a wild one!  Hawks up 6-2 after the initial period!  The Sharks score 10 seconds into the final period and then score 5 more times for a 6 goal final period total!  Whoa!  Mr. Kevin Mahon with his first career 4 goal game!  After the game, Kevin was thinking about creating a goal scoring instructional video to improve the quality of the league!  Jimmy “Boog” Powell with the deuce.  Singles for subs Scott Leslie and B. Westenberg.  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins with a 5 helper game.  Hawks – Deuces wild for Ronnie Meltsner and Keith Lutz.  James George also with a goal.  The goalies will not be mentioned in this penalty free contest.

SHARKS    3     HABS   3

Brusing Joe Grusling ties the game up late for the Habs as they remain undefeated in 9 straight games!  The amazing thing is – they are still in second place trailing the Wings!  Smooth skating Steve Orr scores twice for the Frenchmen.  Eddie Higgins, Jimmy Powell and sub Scott Leslie tally for the Fish.  Hard nosed Sharks defenseman George Gray picks up a solo roughing minor penalty.

WINGS   5     BRUINS    0

After being shutout in game one – the first place Wings right the ship and blank the Bruins.  Marty Sell with the trick!  Singles for Paulie “Jay” Giles and Rob “The Rifleman” Duncan.  Mike Schlimgen with the well deserved shutout.  No highlights for the Bruins as they drop a deuce today with only only one goal on the night.  Bruins sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek and the Wings Marty Sell both hit the box in tandem with minor roughing penalties.

FLYERS   10     HAWKS   3

Oh my!  What in the world is going on with this last place vagabond fowl team we call the Hawks?  Giving up 18 goals in two games today and going through goalies like Trump goes through campaign mangers!  It doesn’t matter who is between the pipes for this team.  Regular goalie “Sugar” John Marchin has played only half the season as he is being treated for severe red light burns.  Sub goalies Kirk Larson and Rick “Ticker” Chauvin have acquired a noticeable nervous tick as they keep looking behind themselves, aggravating Ticker’s wife Carol to no end!  “Stop subbing for that Hawks team – it’s not healthy” Carol tells Ticker!    Flyers –  The league’s leading scorer Mr. Mike Ala with a 4 goal game!  John Zuccarini with the trick.  Singles for Gary Enmark(Also 3 Helpers), Pat Collins(With 4 Helpers) and Al Platt.   Goaler Mike Mostyn had a very enjoyable game watching the action.  James George with all three of the Hawks goals!



Who played on Darryl Sittler’s line during his HOF career with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 70’s?


Scroll down for the answer.






Fellow HOF’er Lanny McDonald and Errol Thompson.


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