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FLYERS   4    BRUINS   1

Steve Lemieux scores at the four minute mark of the game and it was all downhill from there for the Bruins!  A “Broth of a Lad” – Ryan O’Rourke with two beautiful top shelf goals for the Flyers!  Subs “Stevie” Lambert and Teddy Evans with singles.  Flyers goaler Bobby Rutkoske with a relatively light workload.  The Flyers were aided by absent forward Chuck Mouraine who forgot his skates!  Addition by subtraction?

SHARKS   2    HAWKS   1

Da Sharks and HOT goalie Mike Schlimgen upend the talented Hawks!  Captain Steve Dietrich and sub Justin “Mickey” Brantley with the final period game winner, score for the Fish.  Mark Smyth with the Hawks marker.

WINGS   3     HABS   3

The Habs jump out to a 3 zip first period lead only to see the Wings roar back for the tie!  Mike Ala, Curt Bailey and Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins score for the Habs.  Sub “Scowling” Scott Leslie(2) and General Robert E. Lee with the Wings markers.

FLYERS    4    HAWKS   1

The Flyers sweep today behind the stalwart efforts of goaltender Bobby Rutkoske!  John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini, Jimmy George, Keith Foucher and Ryan O’Rourke light the lamp for the Flyers. Chuck Mouraine’s skates showed up half way through the game.  Billy Hagen with the lone Hawks goal as they are now winless in their past four games.  A little chirping and frustration setting in on the Hawks bench, as right winger Rob “Hurricane” Halbulber laments about his center Billy Hagen ignoring him!  Billy says: Catch a pass and I’ll pass it!”

SHARKS   5     HABS   2

As my preseason first place pick, I was sort of second guessing myself after the first three weeks of the season as the Sharks were not playing well.  Not now!  The Sharks now have a six game winning streak!  The Masked Man – Joe Plati, Big Ben Haynes, Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich and subs Matt Lawson and “Mickey” Brantley all score for the Fish!  This fact is remarkable!  The Habs are now winless in their past eight games and are still NOT in last place!  Thank you Bruins!  The speedy Mike Ala with both Habs markers.

WINGS   2     BRUINS   0

“Sugar” John Marchin records the shutout for the first place Wings!  Left defenseman Tommy “Ozzie” Oswald fills the slot and buries the first and game winning goal for the Wings!  Dr. Keri Topouzian with a beautiful move and rebound insurance goal.  Very few Bruins highlights today!



Who was the Conn Smyth winning Detroit Red Wings starting goalie when they won the Stanley Cup in the 1996-97 season?
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