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HAWKS   5     SHARKS   2

Sharks up 2-1 entering the final period, then the Hawks rattle off four unanswered goals for the decisive W!  The Sharks were so intent on shutting down Hawks center Billy Hagen, that they forgot about the Hawks second line which produced 15 points in the game!  Mr. Brian Belloli with a four goal game!  Line-mates Mark Smyth(1 &3) and Al Sparks(2 Helpers) had a field day!  Al Phipps and sub Dougie Roehl tally for the Fish.  Sharks sub Gary Szylanski with a solo roughing minor penalty.

FLYERS   3    BRUINS   2

All the scoring was accomplished in period one.  Chuck Mouraine, right defenseman Kevin “Mark” Maguire and sub Teddy Evans tally for the Flyers.  Center Steve Lemieux with both Bruins markers.  A little nasty incident occurred, as Bruins player Ken Debus pulled a Davey Crockett and two handed Ryan O’Rourke, who highly took exception and smoked Debus in the back for a minor penalty.

WINGS   2    HABS   1

Captain Paul Giles and Bob Lee score for the Wings in a highly entertaining close game.  Wings sub goalie Paul Kaczmarek was stellar in nets.  Summoned from the far reaches of the Florida coast – sub Howard Smith with the Habs lone goal.  “Ain’t messing with Laura” Howard says!

WINGS   4    BRUINS   2

Bruins jump out to a two zip lead and are feeling pretty good!  Then the Wings centers take over the game – Steve Orr(1 Goal) who was everywhere and Robert E. Lee(1 & 2) who was 1-3 on stone cold breakaways!  Lee made a great pass to Marty Sell for the game winning goal on a 3-0 break.  Dr. Keri Topouzian with an empty net goal, as the Wings sweep for the day.  Steve Lemieux and sub Mike Warke score for the men in yellow, who lose two today.

FLYERS    5    HAWKS   1

1-1 entering the final stanza.  Then the Flyers take hold of the game for the sweep!  John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini, Chris Raber, Keith Foucher, Ryan O’Rourke and sub Jeff Funk tally for the Flyers.  The red hot Brian Belloli with his fifth goal of the day for the Hawks.

HABS   5    SHARKS   3

The Sharks fight back from a 3-0 first period deficit only to fall short.  Mike Ala with a two goal game for the Habs.  Singles for Kenny Wilkins, Jeff “Dick” Tracy and sub Matt Lawson.  Steve Dietrich, Al Pyc and Randy Debuel do the honors for the Fish as they drop a deuce today and start the season in Davey Jones locker.


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Five bands – which contain the players and some executive names.
13 teams per band. 

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