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BRUINS   5    SHARKS   2

The newly formed presidential FDR line of sub Jeff Funk(2 & 1), Ken Debus(1 & 2) and Dave Rupprecht(1 & 1) total eight points in the game for the Bruins.  Curt Lesnau with a single.  The Bruins welcome back with open arms their AWOL goalie from the state of Colorado – Kenny Lipshutz, who played excellent in nets.  Big Ben Haynes and sub “Scowling” Scott Leslie score for the Sharks in this penalty free game.

WINGS   5    FLYERS   1

“Nothing But a House Party” this game for Paulie “Jay” Giles and his Wings teammates!  Captain Giles with the deuce.  Singles for Steve Orr, Marty Sell and Barry Piornack.  Goaler “Sugar” John Marchin shined in nets!  Ryan O’Rourke with the Flyers lone marker.  Defenseman Benny Hudson of the Flyers picks up a solo minor roughing penalty.

HAWKS   7     HABS   2

The Hawks run roughshod over the Habs as they even scale it back in the final period.  Billy Hagen and Mark Smyth with the trick.  Sub Matt Dawson with a single.  Goalie Brian Miller with a very light workload as he got a little bored and tripped his buddy Mike Ala of the Habs and received a penalty.  Mike Lawson and Timmy “Dutch” Schultz do the honors for the Habs.

WINGS   6    HABS   3

The second place Wings sweep on the day as the Habs dip in the other direction today.  Wings sub Dougie Roehl with the hat trick.  Singles for Bob Lee, Mary Sell and Keri Topouzian.  Mike Ala(2) and sub John Higgins score for the Frenchmen.

HAWKS   4     SHARKS   2

The Hawks sweep as the Sharks remain winless on the year.  Billy Hagen, Robbie “Hurricane” Halbulber, Brian Belloli and sub Matt Lawson score for the first place Hawks. Steve Dietrich and Randy Debuel tally for the Fish.

BRUINS   5    FLYERS   3

An anomaly happens this week as all the home teams sweep!  Da Bruins win their first two games of the year!  Bob “Bugsy” Watson scores his first goal of the year, Curt Lesnau with a bad angle backhander and subs Jeff Funk and Dave Rupprecht dent the twin for the Bruins.  Jimmy George scores on a lighting fast rush down the right wing, Chris Raber and sub Linell tally for the Flyers.  Master facilitator Ryan O’Rourke with the hat trick assist.


This NHL team won 19 consecutive playoff series.
Name the team?
New York Islanders from 1980 – 1984.

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