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HAWKS    5     HABS   3

The battle for first place!  Both teams were tied for first entering the game.  Deuces wild for line-mates Keith Foucher and Curt Lesnau.  Their center Billy Hagen with a single.  Marty Sell, Cam “Steam Boat” Lawrence, on his patented bad angle shot and John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini camped out in his office on the right side of the net, score for the Frenchmen.  No trips to the sin bin for either squad.

BRUINS    3      SHARKS    2

This guy was everywhere!  Steve “Mario” Lemieux completes this hat trick with just over two minutes remaining in the game to snap a 2-2 tie!  Ronnie Meltsner and Ben Haynes tally for the Fish in this penalty free game.

WINGS    6     FLYERS   3

Mark Smyth with the hat trick for the Wings!  James George with a two goal game and the hat trick assist.  Winger David Walters with a single.  The Three R’s – Ryan O’Rourke, Robert E. Lee and Robbie Porter with the Flyers markers.

BRUINS   1     FLYERS   0

Chants of “Bobby”, “Bobby”, “Bobby” cascade down from the stands, as Bobby Rutkoske records the rare 1-0 victory!  This guy’s tough to beat!  James “Jacques” Lemire breaks the 0-0 tie with eight minutes left in the game as the second place Bruins are now undefeated in their past five contests!   Flyers goaler Mike Allemon stood tall in nets for his team, as the last place Flyers are now winless in their last five games.  No penalties in the game.

HAWKS   5     SHARKS   2

Playing with nine players today, the top spot Hawks sweep for the day!  Captain Billy Hagen was outstanding with the hat trick!  His line-mates Keith Foucher and Curt Lesnau with singles.  Goaler Mike Mostyn was his usual stellar self in nets.  A special shoutout to the Hawks three defenseman today – Barry Piornack, Tom Oswald and sub Kevin “Mark” Maguire who were not shorted of ice time today!  Sharks sub Gary Szylanski with both of their goals.  Hawks goalie Mike Mostyn pick ups his obligatory penalty, as he chops an opposing player.

WINGS   4     HABS   1

All the host teams sweep today!  Very unusual!  Deuces wild for Al Pyc and James George and a strong game in nets for Wings goalie Mike Schlimgen.  Mike Ala with the lone Habs goal in this penalty free game.



On February 7, 1976 this player set a NHL record that still stands today with 10 points in one game.
6 goals and 4 assists.
Who is he?
Scroll down for the answer.
Darryl Sittler

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