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SHARKS    2      HAWKS   1

Goalies Brian Miller and Tommy Gazley put on a puck stopping clinic as the Fish prevail.  Jim Chapie and Todd Schurman score for the Sharks.  Returning from parts unknown – Chuck Bowers with the lone Hawks marker in this penalty free game.

FLYERS   4    BRUINS   1

The Flyers completely dominate this game, as the Bruins maybe, mustered ten shots on net!  Sniper Robert Stempian with the deuce.  Power forward Kenny Perko and gingerly dancing down the right wing, Captain Ryan O’Rourke with a well placed backhand goal.  Curt Lesnau with the Bruins goal.  A comedic moment happened pregame, as WINGS sub Justin Brantley skates around the rink warming up and then proceeds to put the net in place.  Finally a Bruins player sheepishly approached Justin and succinctly informed him that he was on the wrong rink!

WINGS   4    HABS   2

The victorious Wings receive goals from four different players – Keri Topouzian, Bruce Buntin and subs Justin Brantley and playing through a very painful lower body issue – Matt Lawson.  Kenny “Prime Time” Wilkins and Mike Ala tally for the Frenchmen.  But the story of this game, was the controversial and contemptuous referee Buzz Thomas.  Due to his insistence, he had both games in rink #4 today play 16 minute periods instead of the usual 17 minute periods we have used for 18 years!   Then, in-between games, he told the other refs that we had changed to 16 minute periods.  Could the powers to be, please let the referees and especially Mr. Thomas know, that we are officially still using 17 minute periods, with the exception of the championship and All Star (No Star) games.

BRUINS   2    WINGS   2

The Bruins change their forward lines up and double their goal output from game one!  Wings sub Justin “Mickey” Brantley scores a late goal to tie it up.  Polish import Marcin Niecalek pękając w dół prawego skrzydła idzie z górnej półki butelka z wodą na świetnym ujęciu! Translated – bursting down the right wing goes top shelf water bottle on a great shot!  Wings rookie goalie Dave Gaskey shined in nets.  The oft injured Brian Gross was forced to leave the game in period one and the Wings completed the game with three D.  Jeff Tracy and the venerable Joe Plati score for the Bruins in this penalty free game.

HABS  1     SHARKS   1

A well played game as the score indicates.  Sharks goalie Brian Miller once again only allows one puck past him!  “Black” Jack Priaux scores for the Sharks as John “The Little Ball of Hate” reciprocates for the Habs, on his return from his Hawaiian vacation last week.

HAWKS    6    FLYERS   5

Self proclaimed as the best 11 rating in the league – Hawks power forward Jeff Morton with the deuce!  Playing a great all-around game, Sammy “The Bull” Bonanno with the hat trick!  Chuck Bowers with a single.  Jimmy George scores three unassisted goals for the Flyers.  Ryan O’Rourke and Al Sparks with singles.  Another penalty free game.



February 14, 2022,  brother Gemel and Givani Smith played in the same game for the Detroit Red Wings.
What other brother combo played in the same game for the Red Wings in 1967?  
Frank and Pete Mahovlich

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