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BRUINS   5     SHARKS   3

Gorging on Shark just before the hibernation season, the Bruins enjoy a good Thanksgiving meal!  The line of Steve “Mario” Lemieux(3 & 1), Eddie Higgins(3 Helpers) and Joe Plati(3 Helpers) total ten points in the game to send the Bruins to the W!  Mike Harke and Dougie Roehl also with goals.  Todd Schurman and Rob Lee tally for the Fish in this penalty free game.    

HAWKS   4      HABS   4

The Habs do all their scoring in the first period, only to see the Hawks soar back and score two late final period goals within a minute of each other for the tie!  Robert Stempian scores two unassisted goals for the Hawks.  Winger Jeff Morton and with the game tying goal – Billy Hagen with singles.  Don Courtley, Kenny Wilkins, Rob Porter and Mike Ala score for the French guys in another penalty free game.   

WINGS   0     FLYERS   0

A rare occurrence in any league – the scoreless tie!  Hats off to both goalies – Mike Haines of the Flyers and using and performing like his goalie stick(See Picture Below) Superman!  Both goalies took turns outdoing each other!    

HAWKS   2     SHARKS   1

Another two goal game for center Robert Stempian, as the Hawks win a close one against the Sharks.  Power play specialist Jerry Krause with the lone Shark goal.  Winning goalie Bobby Rutkoske and Brian Miller of the Sharks both with several highlight reel saves!    

WINGS   3     HABS    2

Wings Captain Paul Giles requested his team show up a little early before the first game, to have a pregame meeting to discuss position changes and a constructive pep talk.  Guess it worked – as last season’s last place team take three points today!  With the speed of a caffeinated cheetah, forward Jimmy George with all three Wings goals!  Superman with another very good game between the pipes!  Mike Ala and John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini with the Habs markers in this penalty free game.  Mike Lawson once again subbed for the Wings and this time took his own stick postgame – not Paul Giles’s stick!   

BRUINS   5     FLYERS   2

The Bruins start the season on a high note with the sweep!  They spread out the scoring with five different goal scorers: Steve Lemieux, Bo Altherr, Eddie Higgins, Joe Plati and Ronnie Meltsner.  Goaler Mike Schlimgen with a strong game between the pipes.  Captain Ryan O’Rourke and Tamp Ray pitcher Shane McClanahan lookalike(See Picture Below) sub Ken Debus with the Flyers goals.  This was the fourth penalty free game of the night!   



What was the name of the Carolina Hurricanes before they moved to Carolina?
Hartford Whalers

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