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The goalie is an unknown to me.  Despite scoring phenom Zach Wagner, I believe this team may struggle to score.  D is more than capable.


Very strong squad.  I love the forwards.  D is good and of course the old veteran in nets will not disappoint.


Very strong defense.  The offense could be a little spotty.  Solid net-minder.


Strong goalie play.  Scoring could be an issue.  One thing for sure – this team will get plenty of PK time, with the likes of defenseman Lou Suvak, Brendan Brosnan and Steve Wink!  Oh boy!


A Hawks A Bruins A Canadians A Sharks
Wagner, Zach 30 Nalepa, Mike 25 Rowling, Rob 27 McCaughtry, Nate 28
Stacey, Greg 23 Moore, Brian 27 Miller, Mike 23 Paswater, Dave 24
Chodun, Scott 23 Bayagich, Steve 21 Reiss, Joe 23 Garlick, Mike 22
Riddle, Mike 23 Violassi, Paul 21 Herrgott, Rob 18 Lemieux, Steve 21
Giroux, Rob 19 Ventimiglio, Joe 22 Gallowat, Jim 22 Knight, Bill 21
Mitchell, Scott 19 Sudzina, Ed 17 Boyette, Terry 17 Rowe, Larry 17
137 133 130 133
Leavy, Jack 24 Howarth, Glenn 23 Dugas, Pierre 24 Brosnan, Brendan 24
Olmstead, Rob 22 Baker, Rex 22 Rea, Dan 24 Wink, Steve 20
Maisonneuve,Craig 17 Roehl, Doug 19 Ivory, Jeff 20 Suvak, Lou 18
Funk, Jeff 22 Erikson, Paul 21 Artymovich, Rich 21 Papesh, Marty 24
85 85 89 86
Papciak, Bill 17 Schaugg, Bill 21 Polizzi, Joe 19 Norrington, Dar 20

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Michigan Sting is a premier men’s ice hockey club located in Troy, Michigan. Since our establishment in 2004, we have grown into one of the largest and most successful senior hockey clubs in the Midwest. With two competitive leagues, we offer opportunities for players (35+) to compete and enjoy the game we love.

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