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A League – The Same Cupp Championship Game

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What a barn burner! This game was exactly what Michigan Sting founder Sam Cupp had in mind as his banner in rink three looked down on both squads. Game tied 3-3, with 31 seconds left in regulation, Leafs left winger John Cornish swoops down the far left side by the boards and unleashes a short side laser for the game winner! That was goal number two for game MVP John Cornish. Slick center Brian Moore also with the deuce for the Leafs. Rob “Rickie” Middleton went five hole for the Frenchmen’s first marker. Bryan Prentice and Craig Bastuba also tallied for the Habs, as they continually tied the score each time the Leafs went ahead. If the Habs would have come out on top, MVP in-waiting Bastuba played a fantastic game, with his sharp shooting and tape to tape passes! Both goalers Billy Mac. Jr. and the only Super Hero goalie left in the league, Kirk “Captain America” Larson with several excellent saves! Both teams convened at Joe Kools for the celebratory banquet.

Let’s play the matching game again!
Match these former Red Wings with their nick name.

Ross Wilson – Ace
Dave Williams – Red
Earl Reibel – Mud
Norman Poile – Lefty
Hubert Martin – Tiger
Leonard Kelly – Dutch
Fred Harvey – Bep
Armand Guidolin – Bud
Modere Bruneteau – Red
Gordon Berenson – Buster
Garnet Bailey – Pit

Scroll down for the answer.



Ross Wilson – Lefty
Dave Williams – Tiger
Earl Reibel – Dutch
Norman Poile – Bud
Hubert Martin – Pit
Leonard Kelly – Red
Fred Harvey – Buster
Armand Guidolin – Bep
Modere Bruneteau – Mud
Gordon Berenson – Red
Garnet Bailey – Ace

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