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HAWKS   8     BRUINS   4

The Bruins never knew what hit them!  The Hawks score seven times in the first period – their first two goals in just over a minute into the game!  Swift right winger Chris Robillard with the hat trick!  Trevor Knight and longtime NHL player and current head coach Rod Brid’Amour lookalike(See Picture Below) Robbie Olmstead with two goal games.  Brian Moore with a single.  Defenseman Tony Zaschak with a big five assist game!  Now to the Bruins.  Regular Sean Kendall was a no-show.  Regular Mark Micolo is injured, with a double lower body injury, but came to watch the game.  Mark suited up for the final period and promptly scores two goals!  Mark’s sub, Chris Ballach and Billy Knight with singles.  We had the kids – Paul Elsey Jr. and Trevor Knight playing against their Dad’s today!  This was a penalty free game.              

HABS   7     SHARKS   5

The Habs score 41 ticks into the game and hold off the high scoring Sharks!  Captain Rob Rowling with the tour du chapeau.  Singles for Charlie Eslinger, sub McKelvey and never skating better – Marty Papesh.  Nate McNaughtry with a very strong game as he records the hat trick!  The feel good story of the year by far – sub Mike Riddle with the deuce!  Another penalty free game.

FLYERS   4    WINGS   3

This was a barn burner!  The Flyers play a great game as Trevor Wrobel scores his second goal of the game and the game winning goal with a second left on the arena clock on a beautiful tip!  Tough loss for the Championship game contending Wings!  The Mikes – Brown and Garlick also score for the Flyers.  Goalie Billy Papciak was outstanding between the pipes!  Zach Wagner goes twine twice and Dave Rupprecht score for the Wings.     

SHARKS   6     BRUINS   6

Defense – what defense?  The Bruins allow 14 goals in today’s games and still remain winless in the playoffs!  But this definitely was an entertaining tie!  Mark Micolo with another two goal game for the Bruins.  Singles for Jeff Steiber on a breakaway and subs Chris Ballach, Paul Elsey Jr and Steve Wink.  The pride of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Nate McNaughtry with another hat trick for his Sharks!  Mike Nalepa and sub Mike Riddle also score.  The Bruins Rex Baker does a BOGO as he inadvertently takes out Nate and one of Nates’ teammates in a nasty collision!              

WINGS   5     HABS   4

These two teams could very well meet in the Sam Cup Championship game in two weeks!  The Wings hand the Habs their first loss of the playoffs!  Zach Wagner with another two goal game for the victorious Wings.  Singles for Steve Bayagich, Anthony Amato and Scott Chodun.  As in game one – Rob Rowling with the tour du chapeau for the French guys!  Marty Papesh also with a goal.  Rowling and Chodun meet in a nasty collision, only to share post game libations in the parking lot.         

FLYERS   8    HAWKS   4

The Flyers play another great game, as they play big time spoilers today as they dispatch two Championship game contenders!  Nobody in the league has a better wraparound than Trevor Wrobel, as he goes wraparound twice for two of his three goals!  Mike Ala scores twice.  His second goal was with seconds remaining on the clock and the game already decided, as the Hawks goalie stood motionless in the net as the puck crossed the line.  Billy Mac Jr., “Midtown” Mikey Brown and on an absolute seeing eye top shelf blast from the right point – Jeff Funk also score for the Flyers.  Flyers defenseman Danny Rea was injured in game one as the Flyers played with three D this game.  Not a bad thing, when you have Billy Mac Jr. playing most of the  game!  It was nice to see one of the founding fathers of the Michigan Sting Organization, Bill McCauley Sr. at today’s games!  Hawks – Tony Zaschak, Trevor Knight, Chris Robillard, Brian Moore and on a two handed backhand that would make Jimmy Conners proud – Robbie Olmstead.  A minute into the game, over aggressive Flyers left winger Angelo Pizzo takes liberties with Brian Moore as they both hit the box with roughing minor penalties.  All game, Pizzo was chirping at Moore: “If your that good – skate around me then!”  Oh boy!           



When the Detroit Red Wings defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in four games in 1996/97 to win the Stanley Cup,

who was the Flyers losing goalie?

Ron Hextall 


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