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BRUINS    4     FLYERS   1

John Cornish scores the game winning and final goal for Baker’s Bruins.  Donnie Rivera and Rex Baker himself, also with goals.  Goalie Ben Alicandro was exemplary in nets.  Scoring machine Trevor Wrobel with the lone Flyers marker.  Rugged Bruins defenseman Pat “The Beast” Wosek incurs a solo roughing minor penalty.

WINGS   6     HABS   4

This was a wild offensive affair as Rob Rowling and Scott Chodun both dent the twine twice for the Wings.  Singles for Jeff Ivory(Also 3 Helpers) and Paul “Stork” Erickson.  Habs sub Greg Kalvin(2), Pierre Dugas and Steve Lemieux do the honors for the Frenchmen.  Scott Chodun(Roughing) and Habs sub Greg Kalvin(Unsportsmanlike Conduct) trade off minor penalties and four letter word niceties as they reside in the box.

HAWKS   7    SHARKS   4

Deuces wild for John McNeilly and defenseman Jack Leavy as they lead the Hawks to the W.  Singles for Zach Wagner, Robbie Olmstead and sub Rupprect.  Nate McNaughtry and “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio both score twice for the Fish.

WINGS   2     BRUINS   2

Bruins up two zip entering the final stanza.  Then Scott Chodun and Jeff Funk tally for these band of brothers they call the Wings!  The Wings are now tied for first place and undefeated in their past two doubleheaders.  Joey Reiss and Mike “Padre” Nalepa tally for the men in yellow.  Bruins defenseman Brendon Brosnan with a solo roughing minor penalty.

HAWKS    9      FLYERS   1

The high flying Hawks put up a 16 spot today as they take no prisoners!  Central Michigan Bronco alumnus Zach Wagner with a huge four goal game!  Having a banner year playing on the Hawks and second in the scoring race behind Zach Wagner – John McNeilly with the deuce.  Singles for Captain Robbie Olmstead(Also 3 Helpers), Craig Maisonneuve and sub Rupprect.  Hawks goalie “Smoking” Joe Polizzi with a seven save game.  As in game one – Trevor Wrobel scores the Flyers only goal, as they are now winless in their past two doubleheaders.

SHARKS   7     HABS   0

Da Sharks didn’t take too kindly to losing game one, as they dismiss the woebegone cellar dweller Habs in effortless fashion.  Dar, with one of most unchallenging shutouts he will ever achieve.  Dr. Nate McNaughtry with a 2 & 3 game.  Frank Casali also scores twice.  Singles for sub Chris Isola and finally a regular player in the league – Kyle Lybecker.  No French highlights as they are now winless in their past four doubleheaders.



Which former Detroit Red Wing has two sons currently playing in the NHL?
Name me the Dad and his two sons.
Scroll down for the answer.
Dad – Mike Foligno and sons:
Nick – Columbus
Marcus – Minnesota

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