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The Michigan Sting Family would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of John DeBrincat (Mr. D) who passed away on Saturday.  John was one of the original founding members of the Michigan Sting Hockey Club.  His dedication and efforts allow all of us to enjoy being part of the Sting hockey community.  God Bless.



HAWKS   5     BRUINS   4

What a game!  The bleachers were filled.  The aging Sting brass were standing in the corner looking like a Cialis commercial.  When the chips are down this guy always comes through!  MVP Mike Riddle with a two goal game including the game wining goal!  I don’t know if he still is using his wood 5030 Sherwood stick.  But with his shot it doesn’t matter!  Jack Leavy, Zach Wagner and Scott Chodun also with Hawks goals.  Obviously the Bruins strategy going into the game was to somehow slow down Zach.  It did work as he only managed a goal.  Brian Moore was wheeling and dealing with a goal and two helpers for the Bruins.  Singles for Eddie Sudzina, Mike Nalepa and Paul Vioalssi.  The Bruins went to the sin bin three times in the game versus zero times for the Hawks.  It did burn them once on Scott Chodun’s power play goal.  A well played and very entertaining game!


How many rounds was the longest shootout in NHL history?

20 rounds – 2014 Florida defeated Washington 2-1.

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Michigan Sting is a premier men’s ice hockey club located in Troy, Michigan. Since our establishment in 2004, we have grown into one of the largest and most successful senior hockey clubs in the Midwest. With two competitive leagues, we offer opportunities for players (35+) to compete and enjoy the game we love.

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