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“I score when it counts!” declares “Angry” Joey Ventimiglio, as he scores the only goal in the final period for the Bruins game winner!  Chuck Bowers and Craig Bastuba with first period goals.  Puck stopper Rodney Heid was his usual outstanding self in nets!  Jimmy “Jets” Galloway and sub Scott Boyzk score for the Sharks, who were inundated with six subs today!

WINGS    5   FLYERS   3

The high scoring Wings defeat the Flyers.  Center Joey Reiss with a two goal game.  Singles for Steve “Mario” Lemieux and the Mikes – Brown and Nalepa.  Goaler Scottt French with an excellent game in nets.  Pat “The Beast” Wosek, Mike Miller and Steve Bittner score for the Flyers.  The Wings lost Captain Ryan Boyette with seconds left in the game, as a deflected slap shot nailed him in the lower mouth area, resulting in a visit to Urgent Care and seven stitches.

HABS   3     HAWKS   0

Dar and the Habs shutout the Hawks.  Dar was flawless in nets for the well earned whitewash.  Larry “School Boy” Rowe, Bryan Prentice and Dougie Roehl do the honors for the Frenchmen.  Right defenseman Pierre Dugas assisted on all three Habs markers.  No Hawks highlights.  The Hawks had Marcel Dimitrie subbing for them today.  Boy, do I feel old!  I played tournament hockey with Marcel’s Dad, Dennis for decades.  And here I am playing against his 29 year old son!  Whoa!  I informed Marcel of my self imposed rule in this league – no back checking on anyone over 60 – LOL!

SHARKS   6    HAWKS   1

Da Sharks ceremoniously snap their four game losing streak!  “Downtown” Jimmy Brown with the hat trick.  Singles for subs Kyle Lybecker, Scott Boyzk and Grosse Pointe’s own Tim Vaneckoute.   Goaltender Billy Schaug with a light workload.  Donnie Riviera with the only goal for the Hawks today!


The Bruins soundly defeat the undermanned Flyers.  The Flyers lost two players this game due to injuries and had to play the bulk of the game with just eight skaters!  Danny Rea went down with a hamstring injury and Mike Miller left the game due to serious breathing difficulties.  Deuces wild for John Cornish and scoring machine Craig Bastuba.  “Angry” Joe with the Bruins final marker as they remained tied with the Habs for the top spot in the standings.  Butterfly style goaler Rodney Heid with a seven save game.  As in game one – defenseman Pat Wosek scores for the Flyers.  Danny Rea is off to Naples Florida to rehab that sore hammy.  Not Bad!

HABS   5     WINGS   4

The Wings score their first two goals in a 25 second span to eventually take a 3-1 lead against the Habs.  Then the Habs respond with two breakaway goals 16 seconds apart to tie it up 3-3!  It could have been three breakaway goals within seconds, if not for Wings goalie Scott French who foiled Dr Nate!  Bryan Prentice with the deuce.  Singles for Dr. Nate McCoughtry, Mike Krueger and sub Paul Erickson.  Big Rob Rowling(2), Joey Reiss and sub Scott Chodun tally for the Wings, who were forced to play with nine players this game due to the Ryan Boyette injury.  Wings net-minder Scott “The Wall” French with another excellent game in nets as he had the Habs muttering to themselves all game!


Who are the two current NHL non-related players with the same exact name?
One is from Sweden – the other from Finland.
Scroll down for the answer.
Sebastian Aho – The Finn plays for Carolina
The Swede plays for the Islanders.

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