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SHARKS   3    HAWKS   0

Ben Haynes, Keith Foucher and “Black” Jack Priauix score first period goals and goalie Brian Miller does his job in fine fashion, as the Sharks defeat the Hawks.  No Hawks highlights.  Cantankerous Sharks goalie Brian Miller picks up an unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty.  Winger Jeff Morton of the Hawks incurs a solo roughing minor penalty.

WINGS   3    HABS    2

The Wings play their usual solid defensive game and get back on the winning track after losing a deuce last week.  Doug “Jeff” Beck, Mike Harke and sub Bob Watson(PP) tally for the Wings.  Rick Batchelder and Kenny Wilkins(PP) with the Habs goals.

BRUINS   3    FLYERS   2

Jeff “Dick” Tracy leads the Bruins with the deuce.  Steve Lemieux with the Bruins middle goal.  The Bruins welcomed back their goaltender Mike Schlimgen from his two week absence, as he plays a strong game in nets displaying his forward snow angels moves.  Al Sparks and Kevin Maguire score for the Flyers.  There was an inadvertent violent collision at the blue-line between Flyers powered forward Kenny Perko and the Bruins Jeff Tracy!  Tracy had to leave the game and did not play in game two as the Bruins continued the day with 3 D.  This was a penalty free game.

BRUINS   3     WINGS   3

The Wings play a dominating game for the first 29 minutes of the game leading 3-0!  Then the supreme physical conditioning of the Bruins kicked in, as you could see the Wings back on their heels as they surrender three goals in the games remaining last eight minutes, resulting in a tie that seemed like a loss to the Wings!  Paul Giles, Dave Debrincat and sub Bob Watson with the Wings goals.  Steve Lemieux, Dougie Roehl and Al “Mike” Phipps score for the Bruins.

SHARKS   4     HABS   0

Whoa!  Sharks goalie Brian Miller records the rare double shutout and now has three consecutive shutouts aiming at the Sting record of four, set by the Bruins Mike Schlimgen last season!  Way to go Brian!  Ben Haynes scores his first of two goals 55 ticks into the game as the Sharks swim up current all game!  Jim Chapie and Steve Dietrich with singles.  No Habs highlights as they lose their past two doubleheaders.

HAWKS   3   FLYERS   2

Hawks down two zip entering the final period and then proceed to score three times in a resounding victory!  Sammy Bonanno and Mark Smyth with the Hawks final two goals score in a very nice W for the Hawks!  Pat Berry and subbing for injured charismatic Flyers Captain Ryan O’Rourke – Justin Brantley tally for the Flyers in this penalty free game.



Who remembers this pro hockey team in Detroit?

The WHA Michigan Stags played a portion of the 74-75 season in which arena?

Cobo Hall

That is actually my sticker, when I went to see Gordie Howe playing

for the Huston Aeors against the Michigan Stags at Cobo Hall, thinking

that would be Gordie’s last appearance playing in Detroit.

It wasn’t!


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