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BRUINS   3     HABS   2

Da Bruins roar back from a 2-0 final period deficit to steal one from the Habs!  Bruins sub puck stopper ‘Ticker” Chauvin stole the show in this game, with many outstanding saves!  Bruins sub Paul Violassi scores his second goal of the game with just under two minutes left in the contest.  Fellow sub John Siterlet with the Bruins first marker.  Mike Lawson of the Habs with both of their goals.

WINGS   4     HAWKS   3

Wings sub Scott Leslie scores their first two goals.  Bob Lee and with the game winning blast – Chris Zanke round out the Wings scoring.  Brian Belloli scores 33 ticks into the game for the Hawks.  Billy Hagen and Larry Rowe also with Hawks goals.  Hawks utility man Jack Priauix with a solo roughing minor penalty.


The Sharks play a solid game as they hold onto their 3 zip lead.  Goalie Mike Schlimgen was outstanding between the pipes!  Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich, Al Pyc and sub Stevie Lambert do the honors for the Fish.  Hmm – Pyc playing for the Fish – I like it – Lol!  Flyers sub Jeff Funk with their lone goal.

BRUINS   7    SHARKS   1

Oh boy!  This was a wild and wholly contest as will be depicted below.  The Bruins sweep on the day and vault into second place in the standings!  The Bruins have sort of played behind the eight ball all year, as they have played the bulk of the year minus hold out goalie Kenny Lipshutz, who is rumored to be bartering for more money.  Bruins Captain Adam Godard says:  “We are on a roll and can’t be stopped now!”  Deuces wild for Ronnie Melstner, Bob “Bugsy” Watson(2 Breakaways) and sub Paul Violassi.  Ken Debus with the game winning goal.  Now to the extra curricular activities.  I haven’t seen something like this since Steve Shannon got kicked out of the Florida Palms Championship game against us on his FIRST shift!  Bruins center Ken Dubus racks up five penalties in the first period and a very early exit.  Thank goodness we didn’t have a cooler in the room.  Half of the beverages would be gone!  Debus had a breakaway but the play was whistled offside and he still fired the puck at the goalie receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty.  Sharks sub Howard Smith took major exception and cross checked Debus from behind incurring a minor roughing penalty.  Then four minutes later –  I don’t know how it went down, but Debus racks up the following:  a 2 minute roughing penalty, a 2 and a 10 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and a 10 minute abuse of officials game misconduct.  Whoa!  Referee Marv goes:  “This ain’t supposed to happen in the “R” League!”   The one fan in attendance – Keith Lutz’s mom, even put her book down to watch this!

WINGS   3    FLYERS   2

The top spot Wings win their fifth game in a row behind the two goal game of Cam “Steamboat” Lawrence. Returning from his virtual concert last week Paul “Jay – Repudah the Buta” Giles with their initial goal.  “Sugar” John Marcin was stellar in nets.  Subs Jeff Funk and Paulie “Knuckles” Polizzi tally for the Flyers, who were minus Captain Ryan O’Rourke today.  Someone said Ryan was a little busy working on his sled for the Holidays.

HAWKS   7     HABS   7

Billy Hagen completes his hat trick with the goalie pulled with just under a minute left in the game to tie it up for the Hawks!  Hawks sub Larry “School Boy” Rowe also with the trick.  Brian Belloli with a single and three helpers.  Gentleman Don Courtley scores his first of two goals 50 seconds into the game to give us an indication of the goal fest to come.  Habs singles for:  Mike Lawson, Gary Enmark, Jimmy Powell, Jeff Tracy and “It’s a Wonderful Life” best Christmas movie ever – Curt “George” Bailey.


Who is the only NHL head coach to win the Jack Adams Trophy(Coach of the Year) three times with three separate teams?
Scroll down for the answer.
Pat Burns with Montreal, Toronto and Boston.

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