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HAWKS   1     BRUINS    1

The Hawks tie for the fourth time in these playoffs!  Both goalies – Al Rice of the Hawks and Bobby Rutkoske of the Bruins with excellent games in nets!  Chuck Mouraine puts the Bruins up 1-0 on a shorthanded breakaway goal.  Joe Plati buries the power-play game tying goal.  Wearing number four for the Bruins, right defenseman Rick Batchelder does his Bobby Orr impersonation and plays an overall great game!

SHARKS    2    HABS   1

Captain Steve “Barney Miller” Dietrich does the Old One Two Precinct proud, as he scores both Sharks goals!  Goaler Kenny Lipschutz was outstanding in nets!  Mike Ala with the lone Habs marker.

FLYERS   4     WINGS   2

The Flyers win their first game of the playoffs with a spirited effort!  General Robert E. Lee leads the charge with a two goal game!  Singles for Robbie Porter and gingerly skating down the right wing and then going top shelf – Captain Ryan O’ Rourke.  Jimmy George and Mark Smyth tally for the Wings.  Pete Gibb of the Flyers chops Wings sub, young Matt Lawson, who then verbally retaliates calling Mr. Gibb an “Old Fat Fart!”  I have cleaned up the actual four letter third adjective, as it does start with an F!  Gibb incurs a slashing minor penalty as Matt Lawson picks up an unsportsmanlike minor penalty.

SHARKS   3    BRUINS   2

Steve Dietrich snaps the 2-2 tie with just under a minute left in the game, as the Sharks clinch an appearance in the Sam Cupp Championship game!  Ronnie Melstner and on a beautiful pirouette move – Chris Zanke round out the Sharks scoring.  Steve Lemieux and Adam Godard tally for the Bruins.

HABS   5     WINGS   4

A big W for the Frenchmen as they are now tied with the Bruins for the second spot in the playoff standings!  Mike Ala with the duece for the Habs.  Singles for John “The Little Ball of Hate” Perini, Jimmy “Boog” Powell and sub Bob “Bugsy” Watson.  Wings – Mark Smyth, Jimmy George, Mark Munsterman and Paulie “Jay” Giles.

FLYERS   2   HAWKS   1

The Flyers reach their potential this week as they sweep!  Robbie Porter with their first goal on an easy slam dunk rebound.  Left defenseman Gerry Krause with the game winning goal, as he be benefits from a clean offensive face-off win and walks in uncontested and buries it!  Goaler Rick “Ticker” Chauvin played a strong game, even though he din’t see that many shots as the Flyers dominated the play.  Fresh from a two week Caribbean vacation – Keith Foucher with the lone Hawks goal as they only score twice in today’s games.


Who was the first father/son combo to reach 50 goals in a season?
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Bobby and Brett Hull

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