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WINGS    2     SHARKS   0

The Wings dip into their Grand Rapids farm system and goalie Paul Kaczmarek pays big dividends with the whitewash!  General Robert E. Lee and the swift Marty Sell score for the Wings, as they snap the Sharks winning streak.   No red flags in the water today – no Sharks sightings!

HABS   2     FLYERS   2

Both goalies – Bobby Rutkoske and Habs sub Rick “Ticker” Chauvin with strong games in nets.  Curt Bailey and the ageless Gary Enmark score for the Frenchmen.  Keith Foucher and sub Mike Harke with the Flyers markers.

BRUINS   3     HAWKS    1

The Bruins play an almost perfect game and defeat the Hawks.  Goalie Kenny Lipshutz with several highlight reel saves.  Adam Godard with his first goal of the season for the Bruins.  Left winger Bo Altherr and sub Jeff Funk also tally for the men in yellow.  Rob “Hurricane” Halbulber scores the lone Hawks marker with seconds left in the contest and his team on a 6 on 3 advantage, ruining Kenny Lipshutz’s shoutout bid.

WINGS   4     HAWKS   1

Once again, call up Paul Kaczmarek plays outstanding between the pipes for the top spot Wings, who are now undefeated in their past three doubleheaders.  As in game one, General Lee and Marty Sell score for the Wings.  Defenseman Barry Piornack and sharp shooting winger Cam Lawrence also tally for the Wings.  Brian Belloli scores for the south bound migrating Hawks, as they register only two goals in today’s doubleheader and are now winless in their past six contests.  With the Wings in complete command in the final period, the players were having a little fun and taking wagers on the bench on how many times Hawks center Billy Hagen says F*** when he shoots wide of the net!  You gotta love hockey players!

FLYERS    7      SHARKS   3

Jimmy George with the trick for the Flyers as they harpoon the Sharks!  Chuck Mouraine with the deuce.  Singles for subs Teddy Evans and Linell.  Captain Steve Dietrich(2) and Big Ben Haynes with the Sharks markers, as they drop a deuce today.  Al Phipps of the Sharks, invoking his postgame philosophical self says: “You think you have this game figured out, then everything goes to hell!”  Well said Al!

BRUINS   4     HABS    4

The battle for the basement!  Da Bruins were feeling pretty good about themselves with a late 4-1 final period lead.  Then the Habs roar back for the tie!  This is remarkable!  The Habs are now winless in their past ten games and are still NOT in last place.  Hence Bruins!  Jimmy “Boog” Powell, Jeff “Dick” Tracy, sub Matt Lawson and on a seeing eye shot from the point, Timmy “Dutch” Schultz  score for the Habs.  Steve “Mario” Lemieux with a two goal game for the Bruins.  Singles for Bo Altherr and sub Jeff Funk.  Bruins goalie Kenny Lipshutz stones Mike Ala on a penalty shot!



Who was the first NHL player to win the Conn Smyth Trophy(MVP Stanley Cup Finals) in a losing effort?

Scroll down for the answer.

Roger Crozier of the Detroit Red Wings in 1966 against the Montreal Canadians.

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