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 BRUINS    4    FLYERS   2

Ronnie Meltsner goes twice twice for the men in yellow!  Bo Altherr and Dougie Roehl with the Bruins final two goals.  Goalie Mike Schmligen with a very good game between the pipes.  Steve “Honey Badger” Orr and Dr. Keri Topouzian tally for the Flyers.  

WINGS   3     HABS   2

The Wings pick up a well deserved and harrowing win against the Frenchmen.  Wings up 3-1 late – power left winger Don Courtley scores for the Habs to make it 3-2.  The Habs have a 6-4 advantage for the final two minutes of the game!  The puck enters the Wings net and it appears we have a tie.  Oh no!  Goal called off due to an alleged high stick!  Wings prevail!  Mark Smyth scores the game winning shorthanded goal for the Wings on a beautiful face-off backhand move.  Jimmy George and sub Bill “Rupert” Murdock also score for the Wings.  Superman with a very solid game in nets.  Sammy Bonanno with the Habs initial goal.  Now a little story.  The Wings Brian Belloli was one of the first players in his locker room before game one.  He did not appear on the ice until six minutes was left in the game!  He was on a work conference call!  Kids gotta get his priorities straight – hockey first – Lol!       

SHARKS   3    HAWKS   1

Da Sharks and goalie Brian Miller play a stifling game and shut down the Hawks.  Bruce Gooel, Todd Schureman and sub Matt Linnell do the honors for the Fish.  Kenny Perko with the Hawks marker in this penalty free game.

FLYERS   3     HAWKS   1

Flyers sub Ken Debus scores 20 ticks into the game and also makes no trips to the penalty box today, as the Flyers play a strong game for the victory.  Puck stopper Mike Haines with a brilliant effort.  Pat Berry and Ryan O’Rourke also score for the Flyers.  Hawks sub Glen Boice with their goal.  The Hawks only score once in each game today as they are now 0-4 in their past two doubleheaders.    

WINGS   3    BRUINS   2

Ouch!  The marquee game of the night, as the Wings inexplicably pull out the victory!  The Bruins are up comfortably 2-0 with just two minutes left in the contest.  Or so they thought!  The Wings score three times in the games last two minutes – their final two goals 16 seconds apart and their last goal with 6 seconds left in the game!  As a Wing – you almost have to feel sorry for the Bruins.  With the operative word – almost!  Mark Smyth, Brian Belloli and with the game winning goal – Jimmy George score for the Wings, who sweep for the first time this year!  Doug Beck with three helpers.  Eddie “The Eagle” Higgins with both Bruins goals.  Now – hats off to Bruins goalie Mike Schmligen, who was simply outstanding in today’s game, stopping no less than 50 shots!  The guy was amazing!         

HABS   4    SHARKS   1

Both teams split on the day as the first place Habs defeat the Sharks.  Habs goalie Dave Gaskey with a stellar effort in nets.  John ‘The Little Ball of Hate” Perini, Don Courtley, Sam Bonanno and sub Matt Lawson score for the Habs.  Longtime Oakland Grizzles basketball coach Greg Kampe lookalike(See Picture Below) Bruce Gooel with the lone Shark goal.



Who is the first player to play 1,000 games for the New York Rangers?

Harry Howell – HOF defenseman

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